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fullsizerender-19My name is Karinn and I’m a local Houstonian who wears many hats, and I like love it that way. Whether it’s discovering a new restaurant, hidden gems, or embracing the art scene in town, I find myself constantly entertained in this budding metropolis. On to cooking: I was fascinated with the culinary arts at a young age and eventually taught myself how to be a chef in my own right. With an innate curiosity about gastronomy and a knack for plate presentation, I learned that cooking was my form of expression and art. Alongside, I’m passionate about health and wellness just as I am about socializing with a glass of wine, or four. Everything in moderation is key and by featuring healthy recipes, Feed The Curves shows you how you can stick to your goals while having fun.  Feed The Curves is an ode to myself, an ode to people who have ever felt the need to conform to a certain look. Together, we can have our tres leches and eat it too.

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I am Central-American. I grew up on chia seeds, coconut water, farmers’ markets, and organic food before the hipsters said it was cool.

My favorite cooking experience was when I helped the Tanzanian guides cook a leek and lamb stew in the Serengeti for our Safari group. Africa will always have my heart.

think I’ve tried every cuisine that Houston has to offer. It’d be sacrilegious to live in this city and say that your favorite food is Tex-Mex.

I couldn’t eat spicy food growing up. Black pepper was spicy.  I now thoroughly enjoy it, although I ultimately appreciate food in its natural state. I attribute my acclimation to heat from drinking water mixed with honey, lemon, and cayenne powder as a detox drink. I was able to get used to it by adding more and more every time and now I love me some spice !

Traveling is a big part of my life, I save money to spend it on experiences. Everywhere I visit, I plan on taking a culinary class or tour. Food is culture, what better way to immerse yourself in culture than through your belly.

I want to do many things and I don’t think we’re ever too old to start or finish something.

Enjoy your day, xo.