Help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey has devastated Houston with unprecedented flooding. Coastal towns such as Rockport, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi are also having to cope with immeasurable losses as well. Millions have been affected in what they’re calling the worst natural disaster in our great state of Texas. This debilitating storm of biblical proportions has left so many without food, shelter, power, homes, and possessions. We need help now.

How to help:

I’ve gathered some information from online sources and friends. Please help in any way possible. The first list includes ideas that don’t involve too much money and if you’re local then these may be tangible contributions. Below that, you will find links to charitable foundations worth looking into if you are not remote.

 Volunteers are needed:

  • Volunteer Houston is connecting individuals with disaster volunteer opportunities.  To learn more, visit
  • American Red Cross is seeking volunteers.  Volunteer positions include warehousing, shelter management, supply distribution and administrative support. Those interested in volunteering can register at
  • Find the nearest shelter to volunteer at. Check capacity and their needs.

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Local community effort ideas:

  • Gather supplies and food, and drop off in your local area. @djmrrogers is a prime example of what a stand-up citizen is and he has been posting his valiant efforts on social media. Follow him to help him and get inspired. More movements like these are needed.
  • Contribute to a wishlist. @magnifylove and @lovesaundra has compiled this Amazon wishlist based off the needs in Houston. She will put these items in the hands of the people. Don’t hesitate!
  • Offer refuge to people in your home.
  • Host somebody in a hotel or accommodation.
  • Donate blood. Check for blood banks in your area.
  • Look out for the homeless. This is a very personal cause to me. Soup kitchens such as Loaves and Fishes will probably need aid.
  • Foster or adopt an animal. I can only imagine the thousands of animals left behind.
  • Get involved. There are Facebook groups and will be more or simply create your own.
  • Follow your local influencers who will be hosting events/drives in the upcoming days.
  • Some of of your favorite brands and local businesses may be matching donations.
  • I mentioned this on my Facebook but right now is not the time to politicize this trauma, post “fake news”, or argue. It is time for compassion and unity.
  • Also, please avoid scams, check legitimacy. There will be hundreds of GoFundMe’s and online campaigns.


  • The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund of Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, which is administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation.
  • JJ Watt’s Flood Relief Fund has raised millions and will continue surpassing numbers. We can be assured that the money will be put in the right hands and places. We’re so proud to have JJ Watt a part of the Houston Texans. Donate here: Houston Flood Relief by JJ Watt
  • You can donate to the United Way of Greater Houston who has established a flood relief fund.
  • The Salvation Army has mobilized disaster teams from across the country and are accepting donations online.
  •  The United Way Relief Fund is also accepting donations online.
  • The local Texas Diaper Bank is putting together disaster relief kits for families with young children. You can donate here.
  • There is also the Coalition For The Homeless, which helps coordinate shelters and outreach for the city’s vulnerable homeless population.

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  • For a complete list of shelters in the area visit here. This is from the Harris County Homeland Security and Emergency Management website.


This is what I can come up with now. I hope this helps.

To Houston,

You are my city, you are what made me into the woman I am. The hustling, entrepreneurial, no-shit-taking, down-to-earth, gifted with gab, educated but I’ll snap at you real quick, artsy-fartsy, love for OUR CULTURE type of gal. You have a way of raising people. Its a peculiar mixture of city and farm. I love that I can put on my cowgirl boots and proudly eat a funnel cake (on cheat day of course) during rodeo season and the next week it’s March Madness lol. You sparked my love for gastronomy with world class cuisine and chefs that will wow your palate. You enamored me with performing arts with internationally acclaimed venues. With over 145 different languages spoken here, you made me interested in linguistics and anthropology, thus pushing me to travel and become more educated. Hats off to all of the researchers, workers, volunteers, doctors, and nurses in the Medical Center, only the best in the world. Shout out to my alma mater, University of Houston, a tier one college with amazing accolades and even more amazing students. Houston, you are a hell of a city.

My heart doesn’t stop aching but I know that with these efforts combined with our passion, pride, and a desire to better the community, we will thrive.

I will be updating you guys on my Instagram  ( @feedthecurves ) with events around the city because you know I’m either there or there in spirit. You can DM me if you have events that you’d like to get the word out on.

Your Texas girl,







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