Post-Vacation Detox Tips


We all love to get away and often times a vacation means a break from our normal routine. We escape to enjoy ourselves, rightfully so, but this can lead to over-indulging in food and alcohol. When you get home you may find yourself bloated and lethargic. Here are seven methods to clean up your body and get your machine working back to its optimum potential in no time !

  1. Clean up– A general clean-up would include: Eliminating dehydrating liquids such as coffee and alcohol. Eliminating processed food and fast food. Instead, eat complex, high-fiber carbs such as brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes and quinoa. Incorporate healthy fats like nuts, salmon, avocado and hummus.
  2. Drink Water– Pretty obvious but it is so essential because the extra sugars, alcohol and salt have dehydrated your body. It is recommended to drink half of your body weight in ounces. You want to start flushing those toxins out a soon as you get home or en route.
  3. Eat Raw Veggies – Why raw? A raw food detox diet is said to eliminate toxins from a person’s system and restore needed enzymes for digestion. Foods that are high on the detox-o-meter include: Artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, grapefruit, garlic, ginger, and kale.
  4. Meal Prep for the Week– I cannot stress this enough. Meal prepping makes life so much easier and really helps you stay on track. Designate a day to go to the farmer’s market or grocery store and pick up your organic veggies and lean meats for the week. Commit to eating your home-made meals instead of eating out or indulging in one “last” cheat. Your body will thank you for the meals made with love and full of vitamins and detoxifying nutrients. Some examples of meals:  Grilled chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, raw spinach salad with a vinaigrette. Baked Salmon, raw broccoli and quinoa. Kale salad with avocado, cucumber, and spiraled zucchini.
  5. Drink Dandelion Tea– This tea is a great detoxing remedy. First, it is full of Vitamin C which helps with mineral absorption and reduces inflammation. It is also high in fiber which helps to quickly move foods through the digestive track. Getting your digestion and intestinal health back on track is important! And lastly it serves as a natural diuretic so you will be running to the bathroom more often and flushing out your system.
  6. Exercise– Plan your workouts for the week whether it be at the gym or studio. Get your blood pumpin’ and do what type of exercise makes you happy. Go for a run to release your happy endorphins and experience the “runners high”.  You may enjoy the benefits of hot yoga . Hot yoga is generally set around 105 degrees fahrenheit so you know you will be sweating ! The skin is the largest organ of the body and the more you sweat, the more you detoxify !
  7. Sleep – You may have experienced late nights and lack of sleep. You may be all off from your sleep schedule if there was a time difference. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep to make up for the lost hours.

Your body will be pleased that you took care of it after a hiatus. Also remember to not be so hard on yourself and just feed your mind, body, and soul. I hope these tips help!

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